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Dóra Bihary
Post Doctoral Scientist


We believe that diversity is one of our strengths. Over the last few years the lab consisted of people from many nations (Australia, UK, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, China, Malaysia, Japan, India and Sri Lanka) and from different scientific disciplines (computer science, mathematics, engineering, chemistry, physics, machine learning, bioinformatics, computational biology, natural sciences, pathology, virology, immunology, biotechnology, genomics, cancer biology and medicine). The lab fosters an environment where everyone is treated equally and with respect. Creativity, mentorship and cross-disciplinary and translational thinking is actively encouraged.

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Shamith Samarajiwa
Senior Lecturer/ Group Leader
Picture Izzy.jpg
Izzy Newsham
PhD Student
Levia Yee
MSc student
Samarajiwa lab Alumni 
Shoko Hirosue
MB/PhD student
Liviu Pirvan
PhD Student
Junfan Huang
Data Scientist
Matthew Greenig
MPhil Student
Maria Torra I Benach
MPhil Student
IMG_6972_Facetune_13-08-2019-19-34-21 2.
Elsita Jungkurth
MPhil student

Research Assistant
Joanna Krupka 
PhD Student /Clinical Research Associate
Dóra Bihary
(Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Laura Martens
(MPhil Student & Research Assistant)
Denisa Bogdan
(Summer Intern)
Tatyana Bayzetinova
(Summer Intern)
Natalia Pardo Lorente
(MPhil Student)
Marcin Sendera
(Summer Intern)
Zhiyun Gong
(Summer Intern)
Niklas Müller-Bötticher
(MSc Student)
Vivian Wong Kah Ong
MEng student
Charlie Fletcher
(Summer Intern)
Swetha Kannan
Summer Intern
Anna Maria Papameletiou
Summer Intern
Tanmoy Mukherjee
Shaik Naseer Pasha
Ioana Olan
(PhD Student)
Anna Sozanska
Data Science Intern
Sophie Roberts
(Summer Intern)
Dr Ieuan Walker
(Visitor- NHS Clinical Fellow)
Zachery Moore
(Visitor -PhD Student)
Oisin Faust
(Summer Intern)


Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dóra Bihary (2015-20)

Tanmoy Mukherjee (2018-19)

Naseer Pasha (2018-19) - Joint postdoc with Prof. Sowdhamini Ramanathan

Research Assistants

Junfan Huang (2020-2022)

Elsita Jungkurth (2021)

Izzy Newsham (2019-2020)

Laura Martens (2020)

PhD Students

Izzy Newsham (2021 - current) 

Liviu Pirvan (2019-2023)

Shoko Hirosue (2019-2023)

Joanna Krupka (2017-2021)

Ioana Olan (2016-2018)

Medicine SSC students

Anna Sozanska (2018)

Shoko Hirosue (2018)

Masters Students

Matthew Greenig - M.Phil in Computational Biology (2020)

Maria Torra I Benach - M.Phil in Genomic Medicine (2021)

Niklas Müller-Bötticher - MSc in Biotechnology (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich) (2020)

Elsita Jungkurth - M.Phil in Genomic Medicine (2020)

Laura Martens - M.Phil in Computational Biology (2019)

Natalia Pardo Lorente - M.Phil in Genomic Medicine (2019)

Vivian Wong Kah-Ong - M.Eng in Information Engineering (2018)

Dilyana Mincheva - M.Phil in Computational Biology (2015)

Data Science Summer Students

Anna Maria Papameletiou, Natural Sciences (2021)

Swetha Kanan, Immunology (2021)

Denisa Bogdan, Chemistry and Biomedical Science (2019)

Tatyana Bayzetinova, Bioinformatics (2019)

Marcin Sendera, Computer Science, Machine Learning & Mathematics (2018)

Zhiyun Gong, Bioinformatics (2018)

Oisín Faust - Mathematics, Machine Learning (2017)

Vivian Wong Kah Ong - Information Engineering (2017)

Anna Sozanska - Medicine, Engineering (2017, 2019)

Charlie Fletcher - Physics (2016)

Liviu Pirvan - Computer Science, Machine Learning (2016)

Sophie Roberts - Immunology, Cancer Biology  (2015)

Dilyana Mincheva - Mathematics, Computational Biology (2014)

Wellcome Trust Mathematical Genomics in Medicine rotation student

Ioana Olan - Mathematics, Computational Biology (2015)


Ieuan Walker - Medicine, Immunology (2019)

Zachery Moore -  Neuroscience (2019)

Kavya Robinson - Neuroscience (2019)

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