• SpiderSeqR : R package to automate searching​ and collection of high-throughput multi-omic data-sets from NCBI SRA and GEO.
      Sozanska et al., 2020 bioRxiv
      Pirvan and Samarajiwa, 2020 bioRxiv
  • Remoat : Microarray platform re-annotation resource (website code base)
      Barbosa-Morais et al., 2009 Nuc. Acids Res.
  • Interferome : Data-resource for type I,II and III Interferon (IFN) target gene identification. Samarajiwa et al., 2009, Nuc. Acids Res.
Coming Soon:
  • COBRA-tft
  • ISGverse 
  • FROGS 
  • InterferonScape 
ML/DL Models: Piranha, MCMC, MethylBoostER