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Qualifications & Funding requirements:


  • We're a Computational Biology & Data Science lab. The ideal Masters or Ph.D. student should have a degree in a quantitative field (Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, Computational Biology, Physics or Engineering). You should also meet University of Cambridge admission requirements and degree pre-requisites.

  • We advertise Ph.D. studentships from time to time. Depending on the studentship type there may be various requirements and restrictions. If you're applying outside of advertised studentships, funding sources need to be found. Keep a lookout for funding sources and deadlines.

  • Undergraduate interns and summer student should have good programming skills in python or R and, If you are from a Biomedical or Medical background, exceptional programming skills are essential.

  • We advertise Post-doctoral positions from time to time. Email me if you have your own fellowship or wish to apply for external fellowships to join the lab.


Email me if you meet any of the above requirements and wish to join the lab.