Mres/PhD studentship

CRUK Cambridge Centre MRes + PhD in Cancer Biology


The project details: Artificial Intelligence directed integration of imaging, pathology and genomics data to identify prognostic features and improve prostate cancer diagnosis (Early Detection Programme)


Full details and application link at


Application Deadline: 1st December 2018


How to apply
Applications, including a CV and a Reasons for Applying statement (2,500 character limit), must be made via theUniversity of Cambridge Graduate Admissions website.  Applicants must select up to two different Programmes (a first and second choice out of: Breast; Cell and Molecular Biology; Haematological Cancer; Neuro-oncology/Paediatric Cancer; and Cross-Programme Quantitative Projects) from the five listed above, and this should be clearly stated in your Reasons for Applying statement. The deadline for applications is .

We invite applications from UK, EU and non-EU students for these non-clinical studentships. Please ensure you meet the University of Cambridge entrance requirements

If you are a clinical student you need to apply for a Clinical Research Training Fellowship via the University of Cambridge Job Opportunities website.